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How do i connect to M1VPN?

Posted on 30 December 2021 07:26 pm

Connect to VPN Server

By using SoftEther VPN Client to define the required connection settings of a connection setting and then connecting to that connection setting, you can start the connection to VPN Server.


Starting a VPN Connection

To start the VPN connection of a registered connection setting, double-click the connection setting or click [Connect] on the [Connect] menu. When VPN Client is connecting to VPN Server, the following dialog box displays the connection status in real-time. (The connection status dialog box is not displayed when the [Don't display connection status and error window when connecting to VPN Server] option for the connection setting is enabled.)


Dialog Box Displaying the VPN Connection Status.

Establishing a VPN Connection

When a VPN connection is established, the connection status changes to Connected (Established). Depending on the Windows setting, when the status of the Virtual Network Adapter changes from the network cable being unplugged to the VPN client being online, the notification [Connected] is displayed in the notification area of the taskbar.


Status of the Virtual Network Adapter Changes When a VPN Connection is Established.

VPN Communication after Establishing a VPN Connection

When a VPN connection is established, VPN Client establishes VPN communication with the Virtual Hub on the destination VPN Server.

Once VPN communication is established, the operation of the Virtual Network Adapter is the same as the operation of a physical network adapter connected to Windows.

To determine the IP address assigned to the Virtual Network Adapter, double-click the connection icon of the Virtual Network Adapter on the taskbar or use the ipconfig /all command.