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Do you offer DDoS protection?
Posted by Administrator on 14 September 2018 06:05 pm

A DDoS problem is a rare and very unpleasant issue. Unfortunately, here at M1-Serverz we do not offer any kind of DDoS protected VPS. However our customers are free to implement third party solutions in order to avoid DDoS caused issues.

In case of DDoS attack received we have developed a protocol to handle this type of service abuse:

  1. When a DDoS attack is received, an automated system will block all incoming traffic related to the targeted VPS.
  2. Customers will receive abuse reports with information about the incidents.
  3. If a customer presents a reasonable solution for this problem, the VPS is reactivated.
  4. If we do not receive any response from a customer regarding a DDoS issue, or if there is no reasonable method to mitigate attack, we will be forced to close our business relationship with that customer.

This protocol is designed to provide top quality services while avoiding any network problems for other customers in our system.