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VPN Watcher Killswitch
Posted by Administrator on 21 December 2019 06:46 pm

VPN Watcher is a lightweight application that can monitor your VPN connection. Other than that, VPN Watcher can also automatically terminate or suspend a selected application when it detects a disconnection on the monitored connection. Basically it acts as an automated kill switch to prevent your running programs from directly connecting to the Internet when your VPN connection is down.

vpn watcher

Once you’ve setup the VPN connection, all you need to do is add an application into VPN Watcher. The added application will automatically run when VPN Watcher detects a connection to the VPN and terminates when it detects an unexpected disconnection.

VPN Watcher comes in both free and paid versions and is available for both Windows and MAC OS X operating systems. The free version of VPN Watcher is limited to only 1 controlled application and has a slightly higher checking interval at 0.5 seconds compared to 0.1 second in the paid version. Although the program is constantly monitoring the connection, VPN Watcher takes up less than 2MB of memory usage and nothing for CPU usage.

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