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VPN Lifeguard Killswitch
Posted by Administrator on 21 December 2019 06:48 pm

VPN Lifeguard is a free and open source portable program to prevent your running applications from connecting to an unsecured connection when your VPN connection drops out. Basically VPN Lifeguard functions quite similarly to VPN Watcher and can be quite easy to set up if the initial setup steps are followed correctly.

vpn lifeguard

First you need to connect to your VPN. After connecting, run VPN Lifeguard as an administrator (Right click on the program executable file and select “Run as administrator”), and click on the Config button. The VPN Lifeguard config and options area should be able to automatically detect your gateway IP and the local IP of your VPN. Click at the number drop down menu and you can select up to 6 programs that you want VPN Lifeguard to manage. Then click the Browse button and look for the program shortcut or file. Click the close button to save the changes.

vpn lifeguard config options

When you’re back at the program’s main graphical user interface, click the Start button and VPN Lifeguard will start monitoring your VPN connection and automatically close the managed software when the VPN connection is disconnected. VPN Lifeguard will attempt to reconnect back to the VPN connection and re-run the managed software when reconnected. VPN Lifeguard was last updated in 2013 but it works perfectly when we tested it in Windows 10. It supports the monitoring of PPTP and IPSec protocols but not OpenVPN.

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