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VPNCheck Killswitch
Posted by Administrator on 21 December 2019 06:50 pm

VPNCheck is not just another VPN monitoring and program management tool, but it comes with more features in an attempt to keep your computer secure when connected to a VPN service. You’ll find 2 versions of VPNCheck which are the feature limited free version and the paid PRO version with additional features such as OpenVPN support, DNS leak fix, unlimited programs support, and computer ID protection enabled.


The free version of VPNCheck allows you to monitor a PPTP VPN connection, auto closing of programs or network disabling when the VPN disconnects unexpectedly, and management of only 3 programs. You’ll also need to perform an initial setup on VPNCheck before it can work. Click on the config button, and add the programs that you want to manage. The added file can be configured to auto close or autorun from the checkboxes. The next important thing is to setup the VPN login credentials in VPNCheck so that it can auto reconnect. Enter the username and password of the VPN and the matching VPN name that is in Windows.

vpncheck config

Once you’ve completed adding the files and setting up the VPN connection in VPNCheck, close the config window and you should be back in the main GUI. There are 2 main buttons which is Cycle IP:Task and Cycle IP:Network. If you want VPNCheck to auto close the added programs on VPN disconnection, click on Cycle IP:Task. As for Cycle IP:Network, this option will disable all network connections on your computer.

The free version of VPNCheck is available for Windows and Linux (beta) operating system while the Pro is only for Windows.

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