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How to connect to M1VPN server using Softether VPN client?
Posted by Administrator on 17 September 2018 12:07 am

To connect to VPN server using Softether client manager use the following steps:  

  1. Download the latest VPN client software from
  2. Install the Softether VPN client manager.
    • Execute the downloaded client package and you will be prompted to the VPN setup wizard. Now follow the steps marked in images below: 
  3. Open the Softether VPN Client Manager and follow the instruction set given below:
    • Click on Add VPN Connection.
    • A message box will appear asking if you want to create a Virtual Network Adapter. Click “Yes”.
    • In the “New VPN Connection Setting Properties” window enter the following parameters (Setting Name, Host Name, Port Name, Virtual Hub Name, Auth Type, Username, Password) and click on OK, this will create a VPN connection.

    • To connect to VPN select on your VPN connection and then click on Connect.

    • Finally, check your public IP address on it should be the IP of VPN server.