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What makes M1VPN Mobile unique?
Posted by Administrator on 25 December 2018 10:09 pm

M1VPN Mobile VPN uses Outline which makes it easy for organizations to set up a corporate virtual private network (VPN) on their own server to more safely connect to the internet and keep their communications private.

Because Outline servers are intended for use by small organizations or by individuals, users connecting to Outline servers are less likely to experience slowdowns during peak hours.

M1VPN Mobile uses 8 core servers for our Outline VPN Servers

Outline is open source. You can check out and contribute to the Outline code on GitHub. Outline uses Shadowsocks, a secure open-source protocol that is trusted by millions of users to access the free and open web. Outline was audited by Radically Open Security in 2017 and their audit report is here. Outline was audited again in 2018, by Cure53. You can see their public report here.