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Access to Vesta Control Panel
Posted by Administrator on 14 September 2018 07:24 am

Premium Members Only (VestaCP)

For Standard Members (CPanel) Click here

Vesta panel is installed on port 8083. So use url or

Note: Lets assume server hostname is , domain name is and the username is jpusr

Screenshot below will show how to access the pages as admin (ignore the ssl warning as this is just a test domain with self signed certificate)

login to vestacp

Once logged in home page will look like below. You can see it has one just one user which is admin.
vestacp dashboard

From this page you can perform below functions (click the different tabs on top to navigate to the options)

  • Add domains

  • Add email accounts

  • Add/Edit DNS

  • View user statistics like number of domains, resource usage etc

  • Add databases

  • View website logs

  • Manage backup’s