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Ideal CPU Temperature When Idle or During Gaming
Posted by Administrator on 23 April 2019 12:27 pm

For the most part, you should aim to keep your temperature below 75 degrees Celsius when gaming or using software.

If your CPU goes above 75 degrees Celsius, you may start to notice a degradation in performance depending on your processor. 
Some processors may limit its capabilities to help cool itself down – this is known as thermal throttling.

As for idle temperature, as a general rule of thumb, anything between 30 and 45 degrees Celsius is considered ‘cool’.

Your CPU should be within this region if it isn’t running any demanding programs.

For Gaming Temparature's the miles may vary depending on the game, anything 60c to 70c is considered adequate temparatures during high loads. 

Thankfully, modern processors are intelligently designed – you pose little risk to your hardware if higher temperatures are reached.

If your temperatures do go too high, modern cpu's will simply limit your overall performance, or shut down your computer when a temparature is to high to avoid any hardware damage to the cpu or motherboard, so it’s always best to keep things as cool as possible.