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Why is my custom gaming build so expensive?
Posted by Administrator on 04 December 2019 01:49 am

We find our machines equilivilent to the service we provide to build your high performance gaming machine, 
where our prices tend to outshine our large competitors due to competitors use of cheap hardware components,
such as motherboards, case fans, memory modules, incompatible components, cheap computer cases, poor cable management,
poor shipping & no fully tested and supported by knowledgeable customer service technitions support for customers..

Our builds are built with reliability and stability in mind,
which all our builds will contain all name brand components, ensuring your build is performant for years to come.
We keep in touch with our clients, with tutorials on how to keep your machine working & in tip top shape via email...

Here are some factors to your build that you may take into consideration,
that may cause your build to seem expensive,
when comparing components in your build to pricing components on your own.

  • We provide a service as well as building a completly performant machine.
  • We provide unlimited download services for pre-installed software and files on our build.
  • We have to abide by tax laws for each state / country location of our customers.
  • We only provide name brand component's shipped to us the fastest way possible on all of our builds, compared to competitors, to ensure your components are new, and hand built as soon as the component package is opened, ensuring your build is new and not sitting around waiting for a purchase.
  • All of our builds comes with preinstalled / activated software, equipped with streaming, video and editing software, including activated pro versions of windows 10 which can be activated unlimited.
  • Fully available to redownload and reinstall your operating system at your will via our website which allows you to activate your windows and any other windows 10 machine indefinetly.
  • All of our builds that are shipped, come pre packaged with a heavy duty electronics box,with heavy duty bubble wrap to fully to avoid
  • damage.
  • All components in your build are fully compatible with the component's on your system ensuring the best performance from your system.
  • All of our builds comes preinstalled with some of the best performing case fans and air to liquid cpu coolers by default compatible with yoru components ensuring your computer has proper air flow.
  • All of our builds undergo a 24hr intense stress test's to cpu, hd, gpu are temp tested, hard drive / memory block tests, gpu performance tests, & cpu clock tests for optimal performance by a fully qualified tech and our lead creator before all builds are ready to be shipped / delivered.
  • All builds come pre-installed with monitoring software, updated device drivers and tools to keep your system running like new.
  • All of our builds are volt tested to ensure to the correct power is being sent to each components in your build.

There are many more factors we provision to ensure your machine performs after it leaves our facility.
We hope you take all the factors above into consideration as we ensure you to always have a high performance machine right out the box..